NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is for the care of sick newborns and premature babies as small as 800 gms or delivered as early as 25 -26 weeks of pregnancy. We have sophisticated and Modern equipment's in NICU & the facilities are best in class.
The Neonatal ICU at Shishu Sadan Multispeciality Children's Hospital is designed strictly according to the guidelines of National Neonatology Forum and duly accredited with same. NICU is equipped with HFO ventilator from GE, Fisher and Paykel C-PAP (High frequency and Bubble), Phoenix Neonatal open care systems, In house ABG Analyser, Biliblanket, Multipara monitors, EtCo2 Monitors, Baby Nest Transport system, baby Incubator, L&T infusion pumps. All these equipment are for critically sick newborns who are very much medically fragile and requires highly specialized medical care. The medical and nursing supervision and care is at the highest intensity here for that we have round the clock Post graduate Doctors and qualified NICU nurses.
Premature babies with infections, lung and heart conditions, and those with major birth defects involving the brain, heart, lungs and kidneys would be admitted here. The NICU care at Shishu Sadan Multispeciality Children's Hospital comes with 'quality'. As our passion is to deliver Comprehensive child care with an excellence at affordable cost.
The equipment's, the level of expertise and training of the neonatologists, pediatricians and nurses in our NICU are outstanding. Like few features of our NICU which are unique and available in very few centers in India. The first is "High Frequency Oscillators", This is one of the most advanced types of ventilators (Artificial Breathing Machines) which delivers breaths to the baby at the rate of around 400 - 500 breaths per minute. very small tidal volumes This is commonly referred to as lung protective ventilation as compared to 40 - 60 breaths given by a conventional ventilator This machine is ideal for rescuing babies who are not responding to conventional modes of ventilation and it can be used as a first line therapy for babies with aspiration of meconium, air leaks and severe HMD with very hypovolemic (small) lungs. High frequency ventilation is gentler for the lungs. We have SLE 5000 high frequency ventilators. These require a high degree of expertise & experience to operate.
Many prematurely born and low birth weight babies are cared in special warmers which have a carefully controlled temperature. They may need to stay for several weeks till they are mature enough to feed from their mothers and maintain their body temperature.
The treating team intensively monitors the different criterion including the baby's heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation along with the clinical presentations of the child and ability to breathe, with help of monitoring equipment's like, pulse-oxymeters multi Para monitors, NIBP ( Non Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring).
With the help of infusion pumps we precisely control the infusion of fluids and drugs being administered to babies. Cold Light source is also used for accessing the tiny & fragile veins and arteries of the baby and also for the detection of pneumothorax (collapsed lungs) which is a life threatening problem in newborns and require timely intervention and management.
We also conduct neurosonogram (cranial ultrasounds) bed side as it helps us in detection of the disease we use Siemens X300 Premium edition for the same. Photo Therapy: Our NICU is equipped with the latest phototherapy machine to treat "Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia" (Jaundice) in newborn babies. We have latest LED phototherapy system for routine as well as intense phototherapy. Sometimes /rarely there are cases where we need to do partial/Complete exchange bilirubin in blood reaches threatening levels, whole blood needs to be replaced by healthy blood, in a procedure called Exchange Transfusion – Our doctors are well trained and expertise in doing such procedures.


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